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Raye Mitchell is an expert in helping creative geniuses.


Raye Mitchell is regarded as one of the leading authorities on advising thought-leaders, CEOs, and organizations in how to navigate in the Age of the Creative Genius. In particular, as a content and intellectual property strategist, legal consultant, and executive advisor, Mitchell assists executives and creative thinkers in the art of storytelling in managing reputations and staking out market impact positions as thought leaders and influencers.


Mitchell's work of over 30 years of successful engagements in creative businesses, entertainment, branding, and the legal profession reflects her commitment to advising executives and CEOs in implementing resilient and agile creative solutions. Whether negotiating deals and agency relationships or assisting CEOs to become published authors, speakers, and scholars, she is skilled in helping leaders navigate across diverse content and media platforms.  


Mitchell, a licensed attorney, is a published author of multiple books. She is currently working on initiatives that address the ongoing threat to organizational stability in today’s political climate, focusing on intense division, cultural anxiety, and the political rhetoric that will upend organizational workplace norms.


Mitchell is an experienced consultant, legal advisor, and negotiator that assists individuals and organizations through her work in designing and implementing conflict resolution strategies and programs. Mitchell is also an active advisor on corporate social responsibility matters, the founder of The New Reality Foundation, Inc, and the recipient of numerous professional community engagement awards recognizing her contributions to thought leadership and leading change on critical social justice issues that impact the corporate workplace, leadership issues, and directing individual and organizational change and development initiatives in the community.


Mitchell is an award-winning author, a sought-after public speaker, and a commentator on emerging pop culture, workplace issues, and cultural and social justice matters that impact leadership and organizational talent development, corporate culture and risk management, and diversity and inclusion imperatives. She earned her doctorate from Harvard Law School, her MBA in management and organizational behavior and marketing, and her BS in public policy from the University of Southern California.  Mitchell is licensed to practice law in all state and federal courts in California and is a certified peacemaker, mediator, arbitrator, and negotiator.