What we do

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We are content advisors, intellectual property strategists, and communications experts for creative geniuses, executives, corporations, and institutions.

When creative geniuses, thought-leaders, and CEOs seek to develop, protect, and tell their stories to the masses, they trust Boss Girl Geniuses to deliver solutions. Our teams have deep multilevel industry expertise in expansive creative disciplines, including entertainment and intellectual property, strategy, negotiations, and production, allowing us to gather intelligence and help clients navigate complex deals, seize new opportunities, and amplify and deliver their content to the masses. 


In the Age of the Creative Genius and rapid creative expansion, global leaders, individuals, and organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to unite left-brain and right-brain thinking to reach whole new segments and masses of people with their content and influence. We empower our clients to make that move to merge value with values, innovation with reason, and protection with risk-taking and creative genius.

We manage reputations, mitigate risk, and devise strategies to protect key stakeholders and intellectual property credentials and assets by building relationships that are transformational, not transactional.

While others provide piecemeal tactical support, we champion your creative vision from top to bottom and from concept to reality, with sound strategy and exceptional execution.  We are serious, brilliant, and creatively engaged.